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The impact of the implementation of the golden tax system

To tax authorities:

  1. Tax authorities improve the level of digitization of tax management,
  2. Reduce human intervention in tax collection and administration
  3. Improve the efficiency of tax management and reduce the cost of tax authority operation


For company:

It is a good opportunity to improve the digital accounting management level and improve accounting quality requirements. Promote the upgrading of the accounting level and concentrate resources on the core competitiveness of enterprises. The Golden Tax implementation does not mean that Company has to increase the cost of compliance. On the contrary, the Company can make full use of the professional outsourcing to reduce the cost of administration.


For accounting individual:

Utilize cloud accounting software to maximize the automation of bookkeeping. Accounting can spend time on the following: forecasting the current and future tax burdens of the Company; forecasting the cash flow of the Company; integrating into the operation and management of the Company to a higher level, and this integration does not necessarily have to be in the Company, but can be done remotely. way to achieve.


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